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Dependable Brands of Garage Door Still Require Local Dealer Expertise

by Specialty Door Service on 05/21/18

There are many options for your home or business when it comes to garage door products and many wonderful companies that provide complete lines of doors, openers, security measures, gates, and more. It’s great to head to one of the company sites, like Raynor or Northwest Door (two of the main companies we work with) and examine all of the products that could suit the needs of your home or business. We must be clear though, that ultimately these companies recommend your work with a local dealer to ensure that the products are explained, installed, and maintained correctly. Specialty Door is ready to help you face to face, for the benefit of our customers (you!), the manufacturers, and our experts that work hard for you.

A well-trained and experienced garage door technician from Specialty Door Service can do a few major things that will leave you much happier with your choice of product. The garage door is the largest moving thing in most homes, so there’s style but also safety involved in your purchase. Here are some of the ways having us on site helps you to get EXACTLY what you’re looking for: 

  1. Knowing All Of The Options – This day and age, there is PLENTY of information online for you to peruse on any subject. That doesn’t always mean that you see ALL of the options and customizations for your home or situation. A trained local dealer gets info and training on the latest innovations that can help in big way if you’re not sure if a door or opener fits your situation and need. An average homeowner or business owner may not know what things can be altered or customized, and/or what cannot be selected without a change in your building structure.
  2. Getting Your Product Order Correctly Sent – It may sound simple with all of the online ordering we do these days, but having an experienced garage door installer to “hold your hand” and walk you through your complete order can save you a ton of hassle. Once you’ve made your decision on what you want, we can help with any accessories that may be needed for the install and if anything goes wrong, the issues can be cleared up more quickly and completely.
  3. Proper Door Sizing and Measurements – Yes, most folks can operate a tape measure, but working with these doors and standard sizes every day can make a difference. Also, we’ll be able to advise when a custom order may be required for your situation.
  4. Alternative Products – Many companies offer similar products, and we can provide you with ANY product our there. In some situations, you may have picked out a product from one line, on a particular company’s website. The truth is that a similar technology from a different company can actually be a slightly better fit or a better cost-savings to you. This is expert knowledge that can make you that much happier with your install.
  5. Installation Peace of Mind – We mentioned options and measurement, but that all goes into the MAIN idea, which is that you get a great product and an installation that you can trust will work and BE SAFE. We will make sure to examine the planned tracks and rails to make sure the door will function properly BEFORE we order, but we’ll also be there to make sure the finished product is working the way you had imagined. It SAVES YOU NOTHING to get a great deal on a door, or opener, or other product, only to have it function incorrectly or have it break down. Remember, we’re also a garage door repair company, so our focus will be on keeping you clear of repair situations that are common with mis-installed or under-maintained doors.
  6. Continued Maintenance – That last point bring into focus this point we’d like to make about how your door functions for the LONG HAUL. Specialty Door Service wants to help maintain your door, so that problems are avoided and repairs are kept to a minimum in cost and in frequency. Once your door is installed, we don’t disappear like a general handyman installer for a big-box store might. We remain available to assist you over time to make sure you’re getting all the satisfaction out of your system that you had hoped to gain. This is especially important for our business/commercial customers, but also our hard-working homeowners, who expect a safe and reliable system for their families.
It’s always about SERVICE for us here at Specialty Door Service. Whether you are interested in the excellent options from Raynor, Northwest Door, or any other manufacturer out there, you should call on our expertise to get your situation set up right the first time. Our staff is excited to help and make your investment a very rewarding one for the style, value, safety, and convenience of your home and family, or your business, customers, and employees.

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