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Garage Door Installation Should Be Left to the Professionals

by Specialty Door Service on 12/01/14

These days as a homeowner, you have so many resources right at your fingertips when you want to find out how to "do it yourself". If you're handy and study up, you can definitely handle a number of repairs and remodels around the house, and even handle some repairs with your vehicles and appliances as well. When it comes to installing and repairing your garage door, though, most folks are going to want to call a professional for three reasons: Risk of Injury, Precision (proper installation), and Time-savings.

It seems reasonable to try installing a garage door yourself, but the risk of injury is much higher than most home projects. Installing a garage door is dangerous, because of the extreme spring tension involved. These are some heavy duty springs we are talking about. Many novices have been seriously injured or even killed by garage door accidents. 

The weight of the door is another major risk. Some garage doors can weigh hundreds of pounds. If a door were to fall during the installation process, it could lead to a major injury or worse. That said, if you're confident in your ability to stay safe, it isn't necessarily impossible to tackle. 

Precision is another concern though. How you calibrate your door is a pretty delicate thing. It makes the difference in just how long your door and components, such as springs, will last before another repair. A professional installer is going to have the experience and expertise to get the door accurately set up with much less guess-work than the novice will be doing.

If you still think you can get it done safely and get it installed with some degree of accuracy, then you still have to realize that it's a time consuming job for anyone doing it for the first, second, or even fifth time.  It can, and usually will, be an all-day project for the DIY homeowner, while a professional will have it done in an hour or two in most cases. 

You may ask, what about garage door repairs? If we're talking only a garage door repair or spring replacement, it really isn't any different in level of concern. To this equation you have to add proper diagnosis, which always takes a lot more expertise than installation does. You don't want to spend the time fixing the wrong thing----that's the most costly mistake of all!

Now, please think about it this way. One of our installers here at Specialty Door Service can have your installation or repair completed accurately, safely, and in a relatively short amount of time. Trust us, it's worth the cost.

With all of these concerns covered with one call, it's like we said before: Garage door work should probably be left to the pros.

(For Repair or new Garage Doors in Lynnwood, Edmonds WA, Mill Creek, Bothell, Everett, and surrounding areas, we're ready to work for you. Call Specialty Door Service for a new door or door repair service 24 hours a day!)

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