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Garage Door Malufunctions: Typical Problems and Parts Failures

by Specialty Door Service on 03/20/15

Are you having a problem with the biggest, heaviest door in your household? Garage door systems have an INSANE number of components (about 300 moving parts and pieces). Any of these parts could be causing the garage door issue that you are experiencing. Below is a list of the possible culprits to your garage door problems and some tips on how to proceed, diagnose, or avoid the issue.

· Broken springs - If your garage door is not working at all opening or closing you may have a spring problem. Both the torsion and the extension springs can ware over time due to metal fatigue. When a spring breaks it is important to call a professional because the springs will also need to be properly released to ensure that the springs do not fly off their mounts. To help diagnose a spring issue before it breaks you can conduct a visual inspection of the springs every month and look for wear and tear. Also if you have your garage door on a yearly maintenance schedule the technician can verify that the springs are lubricated and the spring tension is properly adjusted. 

· Malfunctioning garage door opener or remote - If you find that your garage door is not closing or reverses during the close it may be due to the garage door opener or remote. An opener could be either an electrical or a mechanical problem. To try and identify the issue check out the safety sensor and make sure that it is not being impeded in any way. You can also look at the circuit breaker and the indicator lights. A blinking light would be a sign that something is wrong. Also you can check the batteries on your remote control.

· Broken cables - Cables usually break one at a time- and you may be able to visually see if a cable is not working or worn. If your garage door looks unbalanced or you can see that it is no longer on the pulley system you may be having trouble with broken cables. When dealing with broken cables be very careful and proceed with caution- this is an indicator that the heavy door may not be properly supported. Yearly maintenance may also be able to diagnose and replace cable issues before it shuts down your garage door system and causes more costly repairs.

· Roller problems - If you notice that your garage door is noisier than usual or if your garage door is not opening smoothly your issue may be with your rollers. Over time, rollers can break or become bent which could cause your garage door to become loud or the door to open choppily. If this is the case then you will either need to have your rollers lubricated or replaced altogether. Never remove all the rollers at one time as this may cause the garage door to be unsupported. Due to the weight and pressure of a garage door it is dangerous if not properly handled and repaired. If a door becomes misaligned it can disconnect and rapidly shut. 

If your door is in need of repair it is safest to get it done quickly and correctly. Of course, we recommend that you call on a professional repair and install company for all garage door repair needs, but we know some folks are going to try.  We hope will be safe and make sure you know what you are doing. If you have any questions regarding your particular garage door problem or if you are in need of regular maintenance or repair give us a call today!  

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