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Garage Door Safety Tips: 4 tips to avoid hazards

by Specialty Door Service on 06/01/15

Garage doors are a significant part of any house or business because they add convenience, security and style. Garage doors are actually complex systems that in addition to being very heavy they can have about 300 moving parts and pieces. When you have a garage door for your house or business it is extremely important to take every precaution to ensure that you, your family and everyone else remain safe and your door does not become a hazard. Below are a few tips to help avoid possible dangers.

Tip 1: Keep children from playing with the door and away from the garage door operating system. Garage doors with all of their components are not toys. Letting a child play with a door opener could lead to the door being closed on someone. It is advised to mount door opener buttons high so that young children cannot push the button. Allowing a child to play with the actual garage door could lead to broken parts and a malfunction of the door. It is vital to be aware of children when they are around commercial or residential garage doors and to prevent any sort of horseplay with or around this heavy component. 

Tip 2: Keep your garage door on a regular maintenance schedule. This will ensure that none of the components of your door are broken, loose or presenting any type of hazard. Automatic garage doors use electricity and can present shock hazards if not properly maintained. Professional technicians will be able to test your door and replace any parts that are worn or may end up being unsafe. This type of maintenance ensures that your residential or commercial garage door will continue to function properly. 

Tip 3: Stay clear of an opening or closing garage door. This includes adults, children, animals or objects. Opening or closing sections of the garage door could entrap sections of clothing, or body parts such as fingers. Also if the door malfunctions while moving it may fall and injure whomever or whatever is in its vicinity. 

Tip 4: Never attempt to repair or replace your own cables or springs. Your garage door is on a tension system and should be repaired by a certified technician. Broken cables or springs could mean that your heavy door is not properly supported. Broken springs could also fly off their mounts if not properly released. These springs are under such tension that they can cause serious injury.

If you think that you have broken springs or cables proceed with caution and call a professional. If you are experiencing any garage door issue, and would like to set up a regular maintenance schedule or if you have any questions about how to take additional garage door safety precautions give Specialty Door a call. We have been locally owned and family operated since 1987 and we are proud to provide professional, affordable service.

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