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Garage Door Winterizing? Yeah, it's a thing.

by Specialty Door Service on 10/19/15

As the Fall season quickly changes to look more like Winter, it is time to make sure your home is ready for the cold weather. Winterizing your house is an important task to complete BEFORE adverse weather conditions set in. You would look to do things like insulating/wrapping your spigots, checking your outside doors, and possibly covering your windows. Another important (but often forgotten) part of winterizing your house is ensuring your garage door is ready to keep out the cold temperatures. Your garage door is a barrier to the elements and should be an integral part of your yearly winterizing. Below are five ways to and make sure your door is ready for the tough conditions that the winter months can bring.

1) Inspect your garage door for damage. Look for places where the door may be cracked or letting in air. If you can see any gaps between the panels then your door is not insulated properly and can let in the cold air. Also look on the sides of the door for cracks that can let in the cold as well.

2) Run your garage door to ensure that it is working properly- and continue to use it on a regular basis. Consistent use of the door will keep your garage door functioning throughout the winter and prevent the door from freezing shut. 

3) Examine your door’s drive track. Make sure all the components of the track are in good condition and that there is nothing in the track that will obstruct the opening of the door.

4) Check out the weather stripping on the bottom of the garage door. This rubber strip should be on every door and should be replaced or repaired if it looks cracked, worn or is letting any air into your garage.

5) Replace batteries in your system that are leaking or corroded. Since cold weather can extrapolate any corrosion damage make sure that everything is replaced and ready to go before the temperatures drop.

During these winterizing checks of your garage door, if you see any need for repair or maintenance, you'll want to get your door repaired by a professional garage door company. Professionals are trained to do the job safely and correctly. At Specialty Door, we have been proudly serving Seattle, Everett, and Greater Eastside areas for decades and are always ready to help with any garage door situation- large or small. If you have any garage door weathering questions give us a call today!

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