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Garage Doors For Your Business Needs - What Are the Types of Commercial Garage Doors?

by Specialty Door Service on 10/18/17

Specialty Door Service does residential garage doors, but when it comes to commercial garage doors for your business and industrial needs, we are a pretty big deal. For decades, we’ve been the “go to” company for local repair shops, storage facilities, shipping companies, and many other types of businesses, plus fire stations and government facilities. We realize it might be good to use our blog here to walk through the various types of commercial doors available to you for your business, and let you know which ones we can help you with here in the area from Everett to Seattle, and Lynnwood to Bellevue (here’s a hint: we can help with ANY of these solutions)!

There are TWO basic kinds of commercial garage door: Sectional Doors and Rolling (or Rollup) Doors. You could categorize the doors a number of ways, but we like to show first that there are two main ways that a garage door operates: 

Sectional Overhead Doors

Sectional Doors operate similarly to many residential garage doors. The industrial/commercial applications though are usually made of light steel or aluminum. They run on a track that pulls the door up vertically and then to a horizontal position along the ceiling. Although they do not match up to Rolling Doors in security or fire-protection, there are stylistic options and other benefits that may fit your business very well.

Sectional Doors – Aluminum Glass Doors
These doors provide visual access, tons of natural light, and a beauty in look and design that turns a functional garage door into an elegant part of your building’s architecture.

Sectional Doors – Thermal Doors
When temperature control is important, a sectional door with temperature control is a great choice. This is accomplished with added thickness and insulation. These doors will keep your temperatures steady whether it’s protection from harsh and changing outside temperatures or it’s for keeping internal product or spaces at a consistent, controlled level. 

Sectional Doors – Wind Load Rated Doors
Even though folks will claim that sectional doors aren’t as strong or durable as roll up doors, there are wind load rated sectional doors. These protect both from external pressure from wind, but also from negative force, or suction.

Rolling Doors/Roll up Doors

Rolling doors have become a particularly popular choice for businesses for good reason. Most are made of steel and store up in a coil. This motorized rollup function is quick and efficient, but also saves space as the door does not need the mounting or track to run along the ceiling. In general, these stainless steel, aluminum, or galvanized steel doors are much stronger, more durable, last longer, can provide better security, and can protect against fire damage. Here are some of the types of rolling doors that may help your company.

Rolling Fire Rated Doors
Many facilities must have fire-rated doors for safety and to meet regulations. With a fire-rated steel rolling door, you get all the same security and functionality, but with an added fire protection bonus. Rolling Wind load rated Doors Just like sectional commercial garage doors you can have wind load rating in a rollup style. Simply make it clear that this is a concern for your business’ needs.

Rolling High Speed Doors
High Speed Doors come in rubber and fabric styles and are the closest thing to a Star Trek style of door that opens and closes very quickly. They have many safety features to protect against problems with the speed causing injury or damage. Two applications where these are seen as extremely valuable, are in high-tech clean rooms to keep out contaminants, and in refrigeration facilities as they can open and close quickly, so as not to protect against temperature changes keep energy costs lower.

Rolling Security Grilles
We’ve all seen the gates or grilles that come down and protect shops and restaurants in the mall after hours. These are called security grilles and are a specific type of rollup door. They can be very simple and set up to be pulled up and down by hand, or they can be motorized for better control and convenience.

Also, Commercial Gate Systems
We also do commercial gate systems, both sliding and swinging gates. These are perfect for proper security at your business to protect your property. A motorized sliding security gate system constructed from impenetrable steel, not only keeps out folks that don’t belong there, but also says that “you mean business” when it comes to security. They are usually a major deterrent to theft and vandalism.

Specialty Door Service is glad to help educate you on the options for your business’ garage door needs (and gate needs), so we hope this information has helped you consider what may work best for you company. More importantly, if you live in the Everett, Lynnwood, Seattle, Bellevue, or Kirkland WA areas we are ready to come to you and consult directly on the best options and functions of garage door. Even within these types of doors there are many looks, finishes, and configurations for you to choose from to get exactly what your business environment needs.

Thank you for reading the Specialty Door Service informative garage door blog!

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