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My Garage Door isn't Working Right. Could it be a small issue?

by Specialty Door Service on 05/11/17

As both a commercial garage door and a residential garage door repair company, we have seen just about every kind of problem, break, or repair issue you could ever run into. We’ve seen some crazy and unusual one-of-a-kind issues for sure, but in most cases, what you’re seeing go wrong with your door (whether it’s a door at work or at home) is probably more common than you realize.

In fact, there are three things that commonly go wrong with your garage door opener that may actually NOT require a technician at all. That’s because they aren’t really a large malfunction, just small issues that look like BIG problems. Garage doors DO NEED repair and servicing from time to time, but if it’s one of these three causes, you’ll be glad you made a few quick checks.

1. POWER!!! 
We mean, make sure the remote control or “transmitter” isn’t simply out of batteries. If you have a wall switch that controls the door, then try using that before you panic. If the wall switch works, you don’t have a garage door problem, you have a remote control problem, and 90% of those issues are solved with new batteries. Also, make sure the door’s power source isn’t unplugged (Sounds crazy, but it happens), or that the breaker hasn’t been tripped off. These are all issues that are confusing and frustrating, but much better than an actual door malfunction. And if you find that this is the case, then you probably won’t need to call a garage door pro, like us. Batteries are easy to replace, and at worst you have an electrical issue.

As a safety precaution, all doors installed after 1993 have eyes… eyes, that is. This set of tiny eyes are at either end of your garage door track that keep the door from shutting on a person or object. They are one of the most important safety feature of your garage door apparatus, but if you open your door normally, but it won’t make any motion to close when you hit the button, then the eyes are most likely the issue.

Unfortunately, the eyes can get dirty, blocking the laser light sensor that is meant to shoot between them. Using a small tissue, you can clear them off (be gentle, it’s like a photo lens) to make sure that isn’t the issue. They can also become misaligned, so just look and see that they are pointing directly across at each other. If these issues don’t seem to be the problem, then check that the cord attached to the eye isn’t cut or damaged. Rain or a leak can also cause damage to the cord or the eye itself.

Garage Door openers come with a disconnect switch, knob, or a cord, that will allow you to open the door manually. This is handy if there is a power outage and you still need to open the door, but it’s not so fun when you have accidentally done this and disconnected the motor. Kids playing in the garage may do this without your knowledge.

These are some of the most annoying glitches to experience with your home or your business’ garage door, but once you realize it’s only a small problem, you’ll be glad that you didn’t need garage door repair this time. When you do need us though, Specialty Door Service is here for you in Lynnwood, Everett, Bellevue, Kirkland, Edmonds, and just about anywhere in the Seattle area. If you’re unsure what’s wrong with your door, feel free to call us and ask. We are always ready for your call, 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week!

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