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Replacing Your Garage Door: Signs that it's time for a new one.

by Specialty Door Service on 04/01/16

A safe, attractive, functioning garage door can add greatly to your home’s overall value and provides a significant return on any replacement or maintenance investment. Along the same lines a malfunctioning door does not only present safety hazards but could become a detraction for your house. Have you been wondering if it is time to replace your older garage door with a newer model? When you own a home with an aged door it may not be clear as to when it becomes necessary to replace it- so we have listed a five signs below that indicate it may be time for a newer model.

Garage Door Replacement

1) Your garage door brakes down regularly. When your garage door becomes unreliable and you have to repeatedly make service calls it may be time to get a new door. As the door ages and wares, just like a car or other electronics, parts breakdown and need to be replaced—but when you notice that this happens frequently you will save yourself money in the long run by replacing the whole unit.

2) The door is functioning slowly or hesitates. Your door is set up to start functioning as soon as you hit the button- a slow response time usually means a problem with the door system. In addition if the door functions unreliably or if it suddenly goes down then it can create a dangerous situation that can lead to injury.

3) You notice that the door is making extra noises or shakes as it goes up or down. The garage door for your residence is meant to run smoothly, efficiently and quietly and if that is not happening then something is wrong.

4) You are ready to update your door’s safety or energy efficiency. Modern garage doors have used the latest safety measures to protect against possible dangers and also maintain the security of your home. Later model garage doors are also well insulated and are designed to effectively keep out the weather.

5) The garage door looks unattractive or has damage. The look of a garage door in conjunction to the house can really add or detract from your property value. If your door looks dated or is detracting from your homes style or appeal you may want to look at replacing the door. Also if you notice damage to the door or broken parts or wires you may be looking at a security risk that you will want to get taken care of promptly.

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