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Six Security Tips For Your Garage Door, Whether Commercial or Residential

by Specialty Door Service on 11/01/18

Garage doors for businesses (and for homes as well) are historically a weaker point when it comes to security, and the tips for homes and business garage door safety are similar, but also different in ways that affect convenience. Businesses must only be concerned with convenience during working hours, but homeowners are obviously needing their door to work in the evenings, on weekends, and even late at night. We’d like to present some tips for being more secure with your garage door, and although some of these are less convenient for homeowners (pad locking the door at night or when away), they’re all applicable. 

We won’t touch upon how to defend against the old “coat hanger fishing for the release lever” issue, so please look that up separately or call us for advice on how to protect against that. But here are some other tips for your commercial garage door that can easily be considered, modified, and followed by the mindful homeowner as well: 

  1. Security Camera systems (Duh,…right?). Listen, security camera systems used to be complicated and expensive, but new companies have created solutions that are very simple, and use the internet to essential “plug and play.” Many of these systems also tie into alerts on your mobile device and are even combined with outdoor motion lighting. As a business owner (or homeowner) you can see what’s going on, deter folks from even testing your door, and with many features out there, possibly turn on lights or a speaker to talk to those creeping near your facility. Burglars of all kinds won’t want anything to do with that.
  2. Increase the quality of lighting around your garage door. Okay, here’s another one that doesn’t have anything to do with garage door technology, but just good old-fashioned visibility. Well-lit areas are always more secure at night---and if you’ve got cameras, like we talked about in step one, a burglar is really putting themselves at risk for being identified. It’s recommended that you position lights around the perimeter of your facility, but especially directly over entry ways and garage doors.
  3. Make sure you upgrade to a rolling-code garage door opener. To explain further, garage door openers used to use the same transmitted code for all doors across the brand---not very secure for each individual, then they made the security better by allowing you to set a custom code. Burglars then created code-grabber technology that can read the signal you put out when you use your garage door opener remote and imitate it. NOW, we have the technology to SQUASH that problem, and it’s called “rolling-code technology,” which broadcasts a different signal each time you open the door. If your door opener was installed before 1999, it’s possible that you’re dealing with old technology, and maybe you should give Specialty Door a call for an upgraded system for your safety.
  4. Never leave garage door remotes in your car----invest in a garage door opener that attaches to your keychain. This is the same for home or business. It sure is convenient to “hit the button” as you roll up to the door in your vehicle, but if you leave them in your car outside, it’s a free entry to your home or business. Instead, step up and get ones that go on your key chain. This gives you all the same convenience, but makes you more secure, since you likely keep your keep with you or inside the home or facility where they are safe.
  5. Schedule your regular door inspections. Here’s where we can definitely help you. Hey, you need your door inspected for safety and wear regularly anyhow. Security is another reason to get your door looked at by a pro every so often. Commercial doors get more daily use than residential garage doors, and that use can cause wear, plus small bumps and dents can cause gaps that are scary for safety AND security reasons. Let’s keep your garage door a strong part of the security system. Remember: a broken door means NO security for your home or business.
  6. Padlock the door. So, it’s not the most CONVENIENT option for safety, but for businesses during hours you are closed, and for homeowners that will be away from home a while, you may want to simply use a padlock. Some home garage doors also have a slide metal lock. Either way, these low-tech options make sure that NO TRICKS can be pulled on your automatic openers, and if the lock is on the inside, it makes tamper with the lock itself virtually impossible.
BONUS TIP: If you own a business that currently has a fenced off parking lot, consider adding a security gate. Specialty Door installs and maintains rolling security gates, which can keep intruders off of your facility grounds altogether. Storage facilities, residential gated communities, and government facilities use these security gates and systems to great affect, and keeps burglars even farther away from your building entrances and property.

Security is a mindset and a constant discipline for a homeowner or business owner. Make sure to listen to these tips and make solid decisions about balancing the convenience of your garage doors and door openers. Specialty Door Service is committed to giving strong advice and installing whatever solution you may need from the above list. We don’t do cameras or lighting as much, but together with these measures, Specialty Door Service is ready to help you get quality in your door, door openers, gates, and security keypads. If you live in the King or Snohomish County areas, call on us any time!

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