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Why Get Garage Keyless Entry: Five Great Reasons to Have a Security Keypad

by Specialty Door Service on 12/06/16

Garage door companies like ours list "security" as an important aspect and even benefit of having a good and properly operating garage door. Your garage door is a very large gateway to your home, so you cannot afford to have it stuck open when it is broken, have a hole that would allow access to strangers, or have it not lock or shut fully. Some garage doors lock with a standard key, and also, many people have automatic garage door openers----which we highly recommend. Specialty Door though, often recommends an even more advanced step for both security and for ultimate convenience: Get a keyless entry system with a security keypad!

A keypad ads an extra layer of security to your home (not just your garage), and are also very applicable to businesses and their garage door access needs. Here are FIVE great reasons for you to get a keyless entry system and how you can make the most of your investment.

Reason #1: No Keys and No Lockouts
If you already have an automatic door with remotes (usually kept in your car), then you know that it's nice NOT to use an actual key on your keyring anymore. It's also important for security reasons that you won't have to worry about losing them or having them fall into the wrong hands. In fact, keyless entry number pads have decreased home lockouts by as much as 60%, because you only have to know your security code pin to regain entry to your house. Know your code, and no other keys are necessary.

Reason #2: Lost your garage door remote? No worries.
So, we just got done saying that you don't have to keep track of keys anymore, but you might have to keep track of remotes still. If you happen to misplace a remote, or if the battery stops working, you can still gain access to your garage---It does require the inconvenience of stepping out of your car, though. So, make sure you find or add batteries to that remote, post-haste!

Reason #3: Allow Access to Family or Professional Services Without Making Keys
In the good ol' days you had to have extra keys made if a family member or a cleaning person needed regular access to your home. Instead, you have the option of giving them access through your garage door, by giving them the code for the security keypad. This is much better for the house-sitter, babysitter, or friend dropping by to pick something up when you can't get home in time. In fact, many of the newer models of keyless entry systems have a "guest code" option that you can set up and have a separate code expire after a set time. Whether you have this option or not, you should change your main code periodically as a general habit.

Reason #4: Change Your Code Anytime You Need To
If you've ever given out a key to your home to someone you wish you hadn't, or had a set of keys stolen, then you know that the safe call is changing the locks. But, if you've shared your security pad code with a house cleaner you no longer use, or a relative that you no longer want to grant access to, you don't have to do anything that costly. Simply change your code at a moment's notice. Once again, you should also get in the habit of setting up a new code every 3-6 months as a safety routine, just in case the number falls into the wrong hands.

Reason #5: Wireless Connection
These keypads can be installed anywhere that it is convenient for you. This isn't necessarily a reason to GET a security keypad, but a point about how unobtrusive the installation is. There aren't wires that you have to be concerned with. It's a remote code that communicates directly with the garage door opener. Also, ask about the ability to blend the color in with your home's paint scheme. The opener and cover can be matched to become nearly invisible, so as to not hurt the "curb appeal" and look of your home.

The technology is available and rather affordable. Get your keypad and get a convenient and secure option for access to your home. If you live in the Seattle, Lynnwood, or Everett areas, call on Specialty Door for all of your garage door needs, and security keypad questions!

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