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If you work in a service industry or with a delivery service of some type, then you know just how dependent these industries can be on their box trucks. Freight and shipping companies, home heating services, supply delivery businesses and more, use these trucks with a rollup garage door on the back every day. The roll-up doors are very efficient and helpful, but these doors, like your home garage door, can wear down and begin to malfunction. The rolling up and down wears out the springs, rollers, hinges, etc. Never fear, Specialty Door has experienced roller door techs to solve any issue with these doors. We work efficiently and get your truck and your business back on schedule.

These doors can take a little more time and expertise to repair if you get someone inexperienced working on it. You won't want a "handy" employee messing with it, or even a garage door repair company that doesn't work with box truck doors semi-regularly. A qualified professional will protect you from faulty repairs, but also potential injury, as springs for these doors have been known to hurt folks with little experience. Get your box truck door back in working order the right way.

Specialty Door repairs commercial garage doors of all types and residential garage doors every single day. The operation of a box truck door has similar operations with the rollers, tracks, springs, and such. These parts wear out and "stick" over time, but we can also fix these doors in a situation where there is a collision on the road or other accidents. We'll always finish your repair job with a proper working and aligned roll up door to get you back to work!

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