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Proud to be locally owned and operated Specialty Door Service is here to provide excellent sales and service of commercial garage doors for Bothell. We're ready to work with your business to identify the exact type of doors or gates that will work best with your needs. We serve all types of industries including warehouse, car wash, firehouse, storage, auto service, or any other type of commercial facility. We also serve our customers by installing pedestrian man-doors (metal rollup doors, fire doors, and storefront doors), and security gate, or motorized gate systems.
Here are some of the Industrial & Commercial doors and gate systems that we work with:
Rolling Steel Doors
Sectional Doors
Entry Doors / Man Doors
High-speed Doors
Full-view aluminum doors
Hollow Metal Doors
Fire Doors
Security Doors
Wind-load rated doors
Counter Doors & Gates
Hangar Doors
Metal Roll-up Doors
Folding & Sliding Gates
Security Gates
Motorized / Automatic Gates
Rolling Grilles
Barrier Arms
Rolling Truck Doors
Dock Accessories
Strip Curtain Doors
Service & Repair
With the aim of exceeding your customer service expectations we are always ready to respond if you are having problems with your door or gate. We can provide 24/7 emergency service and will even be here on weekends and holidays. We sell and provide the quality service of commercial garage doors for Bothell. It does not matter what type of door you have- whether it  is a metal rollup door, sectional doors, or any other style- we swiftly and effectively provide your business with the garage door service or maintenance you are searching for. We also provide maintenance for man doors, or entry doors, and security gate systems.  We also recommend looking into our preventative maintenance which can help prevent costly overhauls.

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Garage Door Service and Repair
Preventative Maintenance and Inspection Program
Regular maintenance scheduled with Specialty Door Service can save your company by preventing the major repairs and machinery failures. Enrollment is FREE and all benefits start immediately upon your authorization.  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT THE BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP!
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