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  • Sectional Steel Doors Protect Your Company---Safety from Fire, Theft, Vandalism, etc.
  • Sectional Aluminum Doors Can Protect and Also Provide Elegance with Glass Options
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Sectional Doors cover a wide range of garage door options for businesses and even homes. Sectional steel doors, for instance, can provide extra durability and protection in some models, and with other models of steel sectional door, you can gain such benefits as temperature control. With aluminum sectional doors, you can gain even more style and utilize more glass, for applications that are less heavy-duty, and more slanted toward elegant presentation. Specialty Door Service works regularly to repair sectional doors for businesses of all types, and we have experience installing or fixing, just about any kind of sectional door out there---also working with the best possible automatic opener system for your space and needs.
Some Types of Sectional Doors and Their Benefits:
Steel Sectional Non-Insulated Doors - When temperature differences aren't an issue, but durability and ease of use are most important. These are ideal for loading docks in commercial or industrial applications. Strong, simple, and rust-resistant in many cases.

Thermal/Insulated Sectional Garage Doors - There are many options for insulated sectional doors, so you can keep elements out, temperatures as they need to be inside, and get a style that matches your business function. We help you choose a door that is heavy-duty with strong steel backing and many layers, or medium-duty lighter doors that may fit when less protection is needed.

Aluminum Glass Doors - These aluminum commercial doors give you the ability to close off your spaces, but bring the natural light in. More and more businesses are using these for auxiliary spaces or to create a more eye-catching presentation, while still allowing work to get done efficiently. These light-weight aluminum doors still provide protection from elements and adequate security but allow for more visibility.

Sectional Raised Panel Doors - These are sectional doors with commercial strength, but the softer look matching a residential setting. Raised Panel Doors are specialized and not extremely common for businesses, but this should demonstrate that sectional doors are available for almost any amount of use, application, and style need.

​Whether you are in need of emergency sectional garage door repair or are considering a whole new sectional door look, function, and operator---we are the company to call! We can get a repair technician out to fix your sectional door right away, or get started on a FREE estimate for an entirely new door system. There are so many great options to choose from and our experts are ready to help you narrow down to just how much durability you will need the best function for daily use, and the style benefits in adding windows or other presentation factors for your facility.

For your sectional door in Everett, Lynnwood, Edmonds, or anywhere in the Greater Puget Sound, Specialty Door has you covered, and we cannot wait to assist you in getting what you want, plus keeping it running right, for years to come. Call us for a free estimate on a new door system today, or call for fast repair!  425-776-5162

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