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Box trucks with back roll up doors are frequently used in Everett for both delivery and service vehicles.  Some of the businesses that use roll-ups include freight carriers, plumbing companies, movers and food distributors are just a few types of businesses that rely on these types of trucks. Their easy roll-up doors allow your company to operate efficiently every single day. The roll-up doors on these box trucks are used at every stop creating wear and tear on the springs, hinges, rollers and roller tracks, or guides over time.

We have been working in the Everett area to get box trucks back on the road since 1987. We have the experienced door technicians that aim to get roll up door repaired quickly and correctly the first time. An efficient repair means getting your truck back in business!

Repairing any part of a truck roll up can be tricky for novice repair technicians. More importantly, it is unsafe for unqualified professionals to repair a door.  Springs, for instance, have caused many injuries over the years and should be handled only by trained and experienced door experts like us.  It's a good investment to have this handled the right way.
Specialty Door is proud to handle the commercial and residential garage doors and rollup doors for Everett every day. Rollers, tracks, springs, and hinges are all components to the system that wear and can break over time. We also will work to get your roll door fixed in the event of a collision or crash. We also make sure to follow up repairs before you get back on the road by ensuring the door is properly aligned.

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