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Do you own a box truck? These trucks have rollup-style doors that can be very helpful for creating an efficient business but the doors also experience extensive wear from everyday usage. Every stop the door is used and opened creating pressure on the springs, hinges, rollers, tracks, and guides. professional movers, shipping companies, food distributors, plumbers, and heating repair shops are some of the businesses that have come to depend on these types of utility trucks. 

Specialty Door is locally owned and operated and we have been sending our specifically trained professionals to handle box truck repairs since 1987. We specialize in getting you quickly back on the road and back to business, by working swiftly and getting the repair done well, the first time.

You will most definitely want a quality technician to repair any part of your truck's rollup door because it can be unsafe for the inexperienced (even if you are handy). Doing these repairs yourself can also take much more time. Door springs, for instance, can be the cause injury when installing and even worse if they are installed incorrectly and cause a door to fall or malfunction later on. Call on Specialty Door Service to get quality repair and avoid potential hazards.

Our company and our technicians work with homes and commercial businesses every day in the Renton area. We know all types of garage doors, and truck rollups are just another kind that we can handle with expertise. The tracks, the sets of rollers, and the door hinges are important components to this door system that wear over time and may need replacement or repair. We can also get your roll-up door repaired after a collision or accident. Specialty Door hopes to create a relationship with you and your business that, which exceeds all of your expectations. Call on us today for any and all commercial garage door needs!

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